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We request the strengthening of the NDIS Workers Screening Check to include mandatory onboarding processes and psychological evaluations for all NDIS workers.

We, the people of Australia, request that the House pressure the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission to strengthen their NDIS Worker Screening Check for the protection of the rights of all half a million Australians under their care.

We request the inclusion of a mandatory onboarding process and a psychological evaluation of all NDIS workers to ensure that people with disabilities in our communities remain safe and cared for by workers who have the necessary tools needed to provide quality care.

These workers should have the skills to detect and report signs of violence, abuse and neglect within our homes and public spaces, an issue affecting 2.7 million Australians with a disability.

We, the people, believe these to be the necessary steps in ending the violence and showing our society that we care for people with disabilities and their rights to safety, respect and to justice.


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Do you live with, work with, or are an individual with a disability?

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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